• frostingPreventive dentistry begins at home with the appearance of your child’s first tooth, usually around 6 months of age. Even before the first dental visit, cleaning your child’s teeth with a moist cloth after each feeding is helpful.

By the time your child reaches the age of one, you should schedule your child’s initial visit with us!  Children who have their first dental visit when they are very young are likely to have a favorable outlook towards dental care throughout their life!  Pleasant and fun visits with the pediatric dentist will help establish trust and confidence in us.  This is a relationship that children can maintain throughout their life-time.

These early visits also assist us in recognizing and addressing potential problems before they become serious.   Drs. Chow, Ko and Diune & team will teach you how to protect your child’s dental health by providing a personalized program of oral hygiene instructions, dietary counseling, and fluoride recommendation if necessary. Becoming an active participant in the preventive oral health program we develop for your child will help ensure your child grows up as part of a cavity free generation!