Common Pediatric Procedures


Preventive dentistry requires participation from your child, our dental team and you! The goal of preventive dentistry is to prevent the development of cavities and gum disease through routine cleanings/check-ups, fluoride, and dental education from our office.  A healthy mouth helps foster a happy and healthy child!

In addition to the dental exam and cleaning, we will look at your child’s risk for cavities, discuss the prevention of dental injuries, address concerns (if any) about oral habits, encourage mouth guard use during active sports and monitor your child’s dental growth and development.


We may also recommend protective sealants for your child.  Sealants can be applied to your child’s molars and/or primary (baby) molars to prevent decay on hard to clean surfaces.

Restorative Dentistry

When a tooth is found to have dental decay, various procedures may be considered to treat the disease depending on its severity. In every restorative treatment case our goal is to keep your child as comfortable as possible.

We offer:

  • Tooth-Colored Fillings
  • Amalgam Fillings
  • Stainless steel crowns
  • Pulpotomy (nerve treatments)


A simple procedure to remove the frenum in your child’s mouth.   A maxillary labial frenum is a muscular attachment between two tissues and may be low and thick, causing a space in between your child’s upper front teeth.  They may also have difficulty brushing along their gum line.   Dr.  Chow has over 30 years of experience with this minor and simple surgical procedure that has many benefits and heals quickly as well!


As dentists, our main goal is to preserve your teeth and keep them healthy for as long as possible! There are times, however, when it is in your child’s best interest to have a tooth extracted.  Our practice strives to provide a positive experience for every child who needs to experience this routine procedure.  We offer lots of reassurance and encouragement along the way and love presenting your child with a precious treasure chest or tooth fairy box!


The American Association of Orthodontists recommends an orthodontic evaluation for children by the age of 7 years. At age 7 the teeth and jaws are developed enough so we can see if there will be any serious bite problems in the future. Most of the time treatment is not necessary at age 7, but it gives us time to watch the development of the teeth and jaws and decide on the best treatment. When you have time on your side you can plan ahead and prevent the formation of serious orthodontic problems.

Thumb, Finger & Pacifier Habits

We can assist you in breaking your child from their oral habit.  It is our goal to make it a rewarding and joyous experience for everyone!  We may recommend a habit breaking appliance like a thumb or tongue crib.  We have also developed a reward card that will help motivate your child to break their habit. If your child fills in all 6 weeks’ worth of stickers, and their habit has been broken, have them call our office to submit their card. We will have a surprise waiting for them!

Emergency Care

If your child sustains a dental injury, please give our practice a call.  If the injury is serious, we may instruct you to visit an emergency room. If you need urgent treatment after hours, please call our office and follow the instructions.  We are always here to assist when your child’s dental health is at risk.  The first thing to remember is to try to stay calm. Injuries to the mouth, face and teeth happen often in children. Remaining calm and taking prompt action will lesson your child’s discomfort by helping to reduce the potential effects of the injury.