Your Child’s First Visit


Ko_Family_2014_jhuiphoto-20At your child’s first appointment, we will do an exam and clean your child’s teeth and gums, check his/her occlusion (bite), and take necessary radiographs. Personalized home care and tooth brushing and flossing demonstrations will be given! Dietary and fluoride recommendations may be made to improve your child’s overall dental health.

For most children, this proves to be an interesting and happy occasion! Our team loves children which makes for a friendly and approachable environment for everyone!

For orthodontics, an orthodontic consultation will be given. We will evaluate the necessity and timing of treatment. Digital extra-oral (facial) and intra-oral photographs and radiographs may be taken in order to determine the necessity and timing of treatment. If treatment is necessary, then comprehensive orthodontic records will be taken.

These include additional radiographs and impressions of the teeth. The orthodontists will then analyze the complete set of records and develop a final diagnosis and treatment plan options.



* Disclaimer: This is generalized information for the first visit. Every patient is different and
exact needs will be determined in the office at the first appointment.