Patient Education

The American Association of Pediatric Dentistry recommends, “First Visit by First Birthday.”

We also advise that most children should have their teeth and gums examined by age 1 or even younger if concerned. The first visit may be a “get acquainted” session. While this may seem early, it is a good time to introduce the child to the dental office and to discuss proper home care of the teeth with the parent and to check for early signs of tooth decay.



Primary (baby) teeth are important!

  • good teeth allow your child to eat and maintain good nutrition
  • healthy teeth allow for clear pronunciation and speech habits
  • a wonderful self image comes with a beautiful smile
  • primary teeth guide the eruption of permanent teeth
  • premature loss of primary molars predisposes children to malocclusion (improper alignment of the jaws and teeth)


Dr. Chow is a specialist in Pediatric Dentistry.  Specialists in Pediatric Dentistry are the “big authority on little teeth”!


* Disclaimer: the reasons why baby teeth are important are for informational purposes only. Every child is different and an evaluation by a dentist is necessary to determine a personal diagnosis and recommended treatment plan.